HARARE, Change Radio, the main opposition-owned radio station in Zimbabwe, has made allegations of intimidation and threats by state agents against its journalists. The radio station, which publishes news as it happens to inform citizens of breaking news and stories, has accused the government of violating freedom of the press in the country.

In a tweet, Change Radio said: “Alert 🚨🚨 Change Radio Journalists are being intimidated and threatened by Zimbabwe state agents, there’s no freedom of press in the country. This must stop. The Radio publishes news as it happens to inform citizens of breaking news and stories. We will not be muzzled.”

The allegations come after the radio station received a warning via WhatsApp from a group identifying themselves as members of the ruling ZANU-PF party. The warning threatened journalist Wezhira Munya, also known as Dr. Munyaradzi Chidarikire, and accused him of publishing anti-government articles that could lead to sanctions being imposed on Zimbabwe.

The warning said: “We have warned you many times to stop writing and spreading information about Zanu PF and police intimidating president Chamisa and his CCC puppets. Your articles are affecting our country. You have published articles that are anti-Government. We are not treating you in the same way as Hopewell Chin’ono, Itai Dzamara, among others. Yesterday, you wrote an article about how police arrested CCC candidate Trust Mavhenyengwa CCC Zaka South Candidate and also Chivi South ward 28 CCC candidate. These stories make the international community see Zimbabwe in bad light. Sanctions will be imposed on Zimbabwe because of your articles. Your articles are being followed by many people on Zimeye, Change Radio, and…”

The warning was signed off with a threatening message, indicating that the journalists at Change Radio were being closely monitored.

The allegations of intimidation and threats against journalists in Zimbabwe are not new. The country has a history of suppressing the media, with journalists often being arrested or threatened for reporting on issues that are critical of the government.

The allegations made by Change Radio highlight the need for press freedom in Zimbabwe and the importance of protecting journalists who are working to inform citizens of the country’s current events. It remains to be seen whether the government will take any action to address these allegations and ensure that journalists are able to work freely and without fear of intimidation or persecution.

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