Zimbabwe’s Main Opposition Party, Citizens’ Coalition for Change, Highlights Road Network Issues at Activist’s Funeral

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By Staff Reporter

Gokwe, Zimbabwe – The citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC), Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, recently attended the funeral of Tino Chiremba, a dedicated party activist in the Gokwe Nembudziya area. During the ceremony, the party used the opportunity to highlight the dire state of the country’s road network, with Gokwe Nembudziya being one of the worst affected regions.

The party’s spokesperson stated that the poor road network in the area is having a detrimental effect on local development and growth. He went on to say that a CCC government would work to reconstruct, modernize, and transform all the roads in Zimbabwe, ensuring that the country’s infrastructure is up to standard and able to support the needs of its citizens.

The issue of poor roads in Zimbabwe is not a new one and has been a major concern for residents for many years. The state of the roads has been described as “appalling” and “unacceptable” by many, with residents often having to endure long journeys on bumpy and poorly maintained roads. The CCC’s commitment to addressing this issue is likely to be welcomed by the people of Zimbabwe, who have been calling for action for many years.

In a statement, the CCC said, “We will not stand by and watch as our roads crumble and our infrastructure falls apart. A CCC government will invest in modern and efficient transportation systems, to connect our communities and drive our economy forward. We will ensure that all Zimbabweans have access to safe and reliable roads, regardless of where they live.”

The funeral of Tino Chiremba was a somber reminder of the importance of community activism and the impact it can have on local issues. The CCC’s commitment to addressing the country’s road network problems shows that they are listening to the needs of the people and are prepared to take action if elected to government.

As the country prepares for the next round of elections, the CCC’s commitment to improving the state of Zimbabwe’s road network is sure to be a key issue for voters. The party’s commitment to investing in modern and efficient transportation systems has the potential to transform the lives of millions of Zimbabweans, providing them with access to safe and reliable roads and unlocking the full potential of the country.

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