HARARE , Zimbabwe’s opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa, has spoken out against the current state of the country in an interview with Heart & Soul and FreeTalk channels. He said that there was nothing to celebrate on the country’s 43rd Independence Day due to the numerous problems that are affecting Zimbabweans. In particular, Chamisa pointed out that the unemployment rate was above 95%, with 49% of Zimbabwe’s adult population living in extreme poverty. He also stated that the inflation rate is the highest in the world and corruption levels are in the top three worldwide.

Chamisa criticized the adoption of new draconian laws to replace colonial-era legislation, saying that they were no different from the previous ones. He called for true independence, stating that independence should reflect in citizens’ livelihoods, with a reflection of better living standards, job opportunities, and poverty reduction. Chamisa attributed Zimbabwe’s problems to bad governance and leadership, rigged elections, broken institutions, and illicit financial flows.

Chamisa called for a new administration and the transformation of Zimbabwe’s governance systems to fix its broken politics and unite the country. He urged authorities to address the contested outcomes of plebiscites and to protect resources from the mafias, which he said were leading to financial loss. Chamisa said that Zimbabwe needed to build strong institutions, celebrate diversity, and encourage pluralism.

Chamisa’s speech comes ahead of Zimbabwe’s next presidential election, and many of his supporters see him as a potential candidate. He has been a vocal critic of the current government and has called for change to Zimbabwe’s governance structures. Chamisa’s message is resonating with many Zimbabweans who are struggling with poverty and unemployment.

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