HARARE, Advocate Fadzayi Mahere, the spokeswoman for the opposition party CCC, has called for Zimbabweans to unite and fight against the “Gold Mafia” and other corrupt individuals who have looted the country’s resources and brought it to its knees. In a tweet, she urged people to focus on the common enemy and hold them accountable without distraction or sideshows.

The call to action comes as allegations of corruption continue to plague the country’s leadership. The NewsHawks Newspaper has reported that President Emmerson Mnangagwa accepts “gifts” from investors for meetings, raising concerns about the use of public office for private gain.

The report has confirmed what many Zimbabweans have long suspected – that corruption is rife at the highest levels of government. While officials deny any wrongdoing, the revelations have fuelled public anger and frustration at the lack of accountability and transparency.

Mahere’s call to action is a timely reminder that Zimbabweans cannot afford to be complacent in the face of corruption. The country’s resources, including its vast mineral wealth, must be managed in a way that benefits all Zimbabweans, not just a select few.

The “Gold Mafia” refers to the illegal gold mining and trading syndicates that operate in Zimbabwe, often with the backing of powerful politicians and security forces. The profits from these activities are believed to be lining the pockets of a few individuals, while ordinary Zimbabweans continue to suffer.

Mahere’s message has resonated with many Zimbabweans who are tired of the corruption and mismanagement that has plagued the country for years. It remains to be seen whether her call to action will result in any tangible change, but it is clear that the fight against corruption is far from over.
Source – MasimbaNews ✍

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