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In a recent social media post, Lynne Stactia highlighted the current state of affairs in Zimbabwe, where corruption and political turmoil have become the norm. Stactia raised concerns about the unresolved cases of Moreblessing Ali and Mboneni Ncube, both of which remain unsolved, despite being in the public domain for a significant amount of time.

Furthermore, Stactia expressed disappointment that the Motlanthe Commission Report, which was compiled after the violent post-election protests of August 1, 2018, has not been implemented. The report was meant to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the deaths of six people who were killed during the protests.

Additionally, Stactia noted that Zimbabwe currently lacks a voter’s roll, a critical component of any democratic system. This situation leaves many citizens disenfranchised, unable to exercise their democratic right to vote.

Stactia also called attention to the rampant corruption in the country, with cartels operating in various sectors, including gold, fuel, drugs, land, and agriculture inputs. The cartels are widely believed to be operating with the tacit approval of those in power, causing significant damage to the country’s economy and stunting its growth.

In light of these challenges, Stactia has proposed a solution: a complete shutdown of Zimbabwe. While this might seem extreme, it is a reflection of the desperation felt by many Zimbabweans who have been failed by their government.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Job Sikhala remains in prison for over 300 days, accused of subverting the government. His case has drawn widespread criticism, with many observers saying that it is politically motivated and that Sikhala is being punished for his opposition to the ruling party.

The situation in Zimbabwe is undoubtedly dire, with many citizens feeling hopeless and abandoned by their leaders. It remains to be seen if the proposed shutdown will have any impact, but it is clear that something needs to be done to address the country’s many challenges.

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