HARARE, President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe has issued a stern warning to members of his ruling Zanu PF party, cautioning against disloyalty and threatening to crush any signs of rebellion. Speaking at the Mubaira business centre, the president addressed both winning and losing candidates from the recently concluded primary elections, reminding them that they must remain loyal to the party and his leadership.

He warned new MPs who had just won in the primary elections to refrain from displaying any form of rebellious behavior, as he vowed to crush them ruthlessly. The president called on party members to promote peace and unity, stating that violence had no place in the country, especially before, during, and after the upcoming general elections.

The president’s warning comes amid rising tensions within Zanu PF, with reports of divisions and infighting over party positions. To ease these tensions, the party has initiated a series of reconciliation and healing meetings across the country. In Manicaland, various gatherings have been convened by the party’s Politburo members to unite warring factions.

Zanu PF has been plagued by divisions for years, with rival factions jostling for power and control. President Mnangagwa has been struggling to keep his party together and has repeatedly warned against disloyalty, vowing to crush any signs of rebellion. With the upcoming general elections in the offing, the president’s warning is a clear message to party members to remain loyal and united.

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