JOHANNESBURG, In a social media post by Zimbabwean  political analyst Ali Naka, he quoted President Emmerson Mnangagwa as saying, “We are everything.” Naka then went on to list some of the resources and advantages that Mnangagwa and his ruling party, ZANU-PF, possess.

According to Naka’s tweet, Mnangagwa has a massive war chest, an extensive fleet of vehicles, and a more organized party than any other in Zimbabwe. Additionally, Mnangagwa is said to have control over the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and the machinery for violence.

“We are the police, we are the army, we are prisons, we are the courts,” Mnangagwa is quoted as saying in the tweet.

These statements by Mnangagwa and the revelations by Naka have raised concerns among some Zimbabweans about the potential for abuse of power and the suppression of opposition voices in the country.

Critics of Mnangagwa’s government point to a pattern of intimidation and violence against opposition members, journalists, and civil society activists. They also accuse the ruling party of rigging elections and using state institutions to stifle dissent.

Mnangagwa, who took over as president in 2017 following the ousting of long-time leader Robert Mugabe, has repeatedly promised to reform Zimbabwe’s politics and economy. However, many Zimbabweans remain skeptical of his government’s commitment to genuine change.

The tweet by Ali Naka has sparked a heated debate on social media about the state of democracy and human rights in Zimbabwe. Some have defended Mnangagwa, arguing that he is simply trying to maintain stability and order in a challenging environment. Others have expressed outrage at what they see as a blatant power grab by the ruling party.

Whatever one’s views on the matter, it is clear that Zimbabwe’s political landscape remains deeply polarized and volatile. The coming months and years will be critical in determining whether the country can move towards greater democracy and prosperity or whether it will remain mired in political and economic crisis.


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