HARARE, Zimbabweans have taken to social media to demand justice for those who have been unjustly convicted and sentenced by a Zanu-PF magistrate, Feresi Chakanyuka. The magistrate is known for her controversial rulings that have seen individuals like Jacob Ngarivhume, Job Sikhala, and Marry Mubaiwa suffer at her hands.

Team Pachedu, a popular Twitter account that frequently advocates for human rights and social justice in Zimbabwe, started the movement to “make her famous.” The account tweeted a photo of Chakanyuka with the caption: “Meet Feresi Chakanyuka. She is the magistrate who convicted and sentenced Jacob Ngarivhume. She is the same magistrate who has been unjustly denying Job Sikhala bail. She is also the same magistrate behind the legal persecution of Marry Mubaiwa. Make her famous!”

The tweet received mixed reactions from Zimbabweans, with some calling for more action to be taken against the magistrate. Citizen Champion @MpiganiaUhuru responded, saying, “If a magistrate chooses to be a political activist, we must deal with her politically. Making her famous with her picture doesn’t politically change anything.” He also alleged that Chakanyuka was doing Mnangagwa’s bidding and that her decisions were based on “clansmanship and chikamarism.”

Kgala_Ramusi, another Twitter user, called for extreme measures, saying, “People have to know her. Publish her address, her cellphone number, photos of her children and parents as well as her house. Gather tyres next to her house. Zims are too timid to liberate themselves. In SA her house would have been petrol bombed already.”

It remains to be seen what action will be taken against Chakanyuka, but the conversation around her rulings has sparked outrage and renewed calls for judicial reform in Zimbabwe. The government has yet to issue a statement on the matter.

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