HARARE , In a shocking turn of events, Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa seems to be ignoring the serious allegations leveled against him and his government in the recent GoldMafia Al Jazeera documentary. Despite the damning evidence presented in the documentary, Mnangagwa is continuing with his duties as if nothing has happened.

Zimbabweans are outraged and demanding answers from their so-called President. The allegations made in the Al Jazeera documentary are too serious to ignore. The documentary shows how Mnangagwa and his allies are involved in a corrupt scheme that involves illegal gold mining and smuggling, causing immense harm to the people of Zimbabwe and the environment.

Instead of addressing these allegations, Mnangagwa is tweeting about his tour of the upgraded Mhondoro Rural Hospital, and commending Zimplats for their partnership in implementing policies and projects. This is a clear indication that the President is not taking these allegations seriously and is simply carrying on with business as usual.

The people of Zimbabwe are outraged and demand that Mnangagwa and his government address the allegations made in the GoldMafia Al Jazeera documentary. It is time for the President to take responsibility for his actions and be held accountable for the harm he has caused to the people of Zimbabwe and the environment.

Source -MasimbaNews ✍🏿

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