HARARE, In a recent tweet, Tafadzwa Mugwadi, the Director of Information and Publicity for Zimbabwe’s ruling party, Zanu-pf, made a statement that has sparked controversy and concern among Zimbabweans.

Mugwadi’s tweet reads, “When you hear CCC saying it’s not sanctions bt corruption, it’s not that they are trying to fool you bt they are foolish themselves because they were fooled by the nonsense from @USEmbZim. Zimbabwe shall never be ruled by fools who do not know what sanctions are!”

The tweet, which seems to suggest that anyone who questions the government’s narrative on sanctions is foolish, has been met with outrage by many Zimbabweans. Sanctions have been a contentious issue in Zimbabwe, with the government blaming them for the country’s economic woes, while others argue that corruption and mismanagement are the real culprits.

Mugwadi’s tweet appears to be an attempt to discredit those who hold the latter view, and it has been seen by many as an attack on freedom of speech and independent thought.

In response to Mugwadi’s tweet, civil society groups and opposition parties have called for him to be called to order. They argue that his comments are unbecoming of a government official and show a lack of respect for Zimbabwe’s democratic institutions.

The Opposition CCC, issued a statement saying, “We call upon the government to rein in Tafadzwa Mugwadi, who has become notorious for his inflammatory and divisive rhetoric. Zimbabweans have a right to question their government and to express their views without fear of reprisals.”

The Zimbabwean government has not yet commented on Mugwadi’s tweet. However, the incident has once again highlighted the need for the government to respect freedom of speech and to engage in constructive dialogue with all stakeholders.

Zimbabweans are calling for an end to the toxic political rhetoric that has characterized the country’s politics for far too long. Mugwadi’s tweet is just the latest example of this and serves as a reminder that Zimbabwe’s leaders must do better if the country is to move forward.
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