Zimbabwean police exposed by Court for fabricating cases against Main Opposition CCC members

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The Zimbabwean police force has been criticized for their lack of impartiality and for siding with the ruling party, Zanu-pf. Recent reports suggest that the police have been arresting victims of Zanu-pf brutality who are members of the Opposition party, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), rather than the perpetrators.

This issue came to light after a Gutu magistrate, Mandlekosi Ndlovu, ruled that the case of two CCC activists charged with assaulting a Zanu-pf youth, Deadly Poronario, was a fabrication. Instead, it was Poronario who provoked the CCC youth, and the two activists, Tinotenda Makumbe and his father Nhamo Makumbe, were acquitted.

Ironically, it was the CCC duo who reported a case of assault against Zanu-pf youth first, but the Mpandawana Police refused to open a docket and instead arrested the complainants. This raises serious questions about the independence and impartiality of the police force in Zimbabwe.

The CCC has long complained of harassment and persecution by the ruling Zanu-pf party, and the recent ruling by the magistrate has only added fuel to their claims. The fact that the police have been arresting victims of Zanu-pf brutality rather than the perpetrators is a worrying trend that must be addressed.

The Zimbabwean police force should be impartial and protect all citizens, regardless of their political affiliation. The fact that they seem to be captured by Zanu-pf and are arresting opposition members is a serious cause for concern.

The government must take immediate steps to ensure the independence of the police force and prevent them from being influenced by any political party. Only then can citizens feel safe and secure in their own country, free from the fear of persecution or harassment based on their political beliefs.

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