Godfrey Matadi, the leader of Zimbabwean Opposition Party, Zvido Zvevanhu People’s Party (ZZPP), delivered a passionate speech on Africa Day, highlighting the challenges faced by the African continent and calling for unity and economic independence. Matadi emphasized the need for Africans to prioritize their own interests and work together to overcome the obstacles that hinder Africa’s development.

In his address, Matadi painted a vivid picture of Africa as a wealthy mother whose children are suffering from poverty. He lamented the historical exploitation of Africa’s resources, with its inhabitants enduring centuries of slavery and colonialism, resulting in the continent’s wealth being used to build cities around the world while African nations remain dilapidated.

Matadi criticized African leaders who, instead of safeguarding the continent’s wealth, open doors for foreign entities to exploit its resources for personal gain. He specifically mentioned the notorious gold mafia, highlighting how rightful inhabitants are displaced from their lands, leaving them empty-handed, while outsiders profit from Africa’s wealth.

The opposition leader further underscored the paradox of Africa’s contribution to the global technological industry. Despite being a source of many of the minerals used in phones and computers worldwide, Africans rarely benefit from the economic gains. Matadi lamented that African consumers purchase electronic gadgets made with their own resources at exorbitant prices, enriching nations that have historically exploited the continent.

Matadi also addressed the issue of internal divisions within Africa, a consequence of colonial boundaries that have hindered free movement among tribes. He criticized the xenophobic attacks prevalent in South Africa, emphasizing the need for Africans to stand united against the true exploiters of their wealth, rather than turning against each other.

Drawing inspiration from the success of other regions like the United States and the European Union, Matadi called for the establishment of a United States of Africa. He envisioned a continent where African nations work together, pool resources, and speak with one voice to achieve economic independence and prosperity.

The opposition leader concluded his speech by urging Africans to shift their mindsets, putting Africa’s interests first and rejecting power hunger and greed. He expressed hope that Africa can rise above its challenges and become a continent of unity, strength, and economic empowerment.

As Africa commemorates Africa Day, Matadi’s powerful message resonates with many who yearn for a brighter future for the continent. The opposition leader’s call for African unity and self-determination serves as a reminder that every journey begins with a single step, and it is up to Africans to forge their own path towards a prosperous and united Africa.

Africa Day serves as a reminder of the continent’s rich history, the struggles it has faced, and the potential it holds for a better future. With leaders like Godfrey Matadi advocating for change, there is hope that Africa will rise above its challenges, embrace unity, and achieve the economic independence it deserves.

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