Zimbabwe : Use Drones Technology to reach Voters in Rural Areas, Pachedu tells CCC

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Zimbabwean Social Media Rights Activist Group Team Pachedu has called for the opposition party Citizens’ Coalition For Change (CCC) to think outside the box in light of the de facto ban on most of their rallies. This comes as the Zimbabwean police are preventing the party from holding rallies and public gatherings as the country gears up for the general elections in August this year.

Team Pachedu, in a recent tweet, suggested that the CCC should make use of drone technology to reach remote rural areas that are currently politically inaccessible. The group believes that the technology can be used to deliver campaign material, such as fliers, posters, and videos, to areas where it is difficult to reach by road.

The use of drone technology in political campaigns is not new and has been used in various countries to reach remote areas and deliver messages. This innovative approach to campaigning can help the CCC reach areas that would otherwise be difficult to access, as well as bypass any restrictions imposed by the government.

The use of drones is also a cost-effective solution, as it eliminates the need to send campaigners to remote areas and reduces the cost of transportation. Additionally, the use of drones will allow the CCC to reach more people in a shorter period of time, giving the party more exposure and increasing their chances of winning the upcoming elections.

The call by Team Pachedu has been met with both criticism and support. Some believe that the use of drones may be seen as a threat to national security, while others argue that it is a necessary step to ensure that all voices are heard.

The CCC, on the other hand, has not made any official statement regarding the use of drones in their campaign. However, with the de facto ban on most of their rallies, the party may have to consider alternative methods of reaching their supporters.

In conclusion, the use of drone technology by political parties can be an effective way to reach remote areas and deliver messages. As the general elections in Zimbabwe approach, the CCC may have to think outside the box and consider using this technology to reach their supporters and get their message across.

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