Former Minister of Finance, Tendai Biti, appeared in court today facing assault charges against businesswoman and investor, Mrs. Tatiana Aleshina. The second witness, Givemore Kasekete, testified that he observed Biti behaving aggressively towards Mrs. Aleshina, shouting insults and pointing his finger at her. Kasekete expressed concern that Biti’s behavior indicated he might physically harm Mrs. Aleshina.

Kasekete further stated that Biti’s actions victimized Mrs. Aleshina, causing a commotion in the court corridor as he loudly berated her. The only intervention came from Mr. Michael Van Blerk, who intervened to prevent Biti from assaulting the complainant.

Magistrate Mrs. Vongai Guwuriro Muchuchuti adjourned the proceedings until May 16 when Mr. Van Blerk is expected to testify.

During her testimony, Mrs. Aleshina revealed that she sought treatment at the Trauma Centre in Borrowdale due to the injuries sustained during the incident. When questioned about her thoughts during the altercation, she expressed feelings of trauma and believed that Biti might physically attack her given his aggressive behavior and gestures.

Mrs. Aleshina described how she froze in shock as Biti charged towards her, accompanied by a crowd of people. She emphasized that she had never encountered such unruly behavior before. Biti aggressively pointed his finger at her face, shouting derogatory remarks and displaying intense anger.

Following the incident, Mrs. Aleshina felt disoriented and wandered through the court in search of an exit. Others inquired about Biti’s outburst, but she could not provide an answer. She eventually decided to report the incident to the Russian Embassy, where she received support and was advised to approach the police.

At the police station, Mrs. Aleshina discovered she had lost sensation in half of her body, making it difficult to move or sign documents. The police offered to transport her to the hospital, resulting in her admission to the Borrowdale Trauma Centre. Due to her condition, Mrs. Aleshina required a drip for treatment.

Mrs. Aleshina criticized Biti’s unprofessional conduct, particularly given his prominent position as a lawyer. She expressed genuine fear for her life when Biti charged towards her, emphasizing the severity of the incident.

The court proceedings will continue on May 16, as the case progresses.

Source – State Media

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