ZAKA , In the lead up to Zimbabwe’s upcoming elections, opposition party supporters are facing persecution by the government. The Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC), a major opposition party in Zimbabwe, has reported multiple incidents of harassment and intimidation against their members.

Most recently, Trust Manjengwa, a CCC supporter who was recently nominated as a candidate in Zaka South Ward 25, was arrested for holding an illegal meeting at his house. He was subsequently released from police custody but was reportedly taken to a safe house, and his situation is still being assessed.

The CCC spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere, condemned the government’s actions, saying, “We received a disturbing report that Trust Manjengwa was forcibly taken away by heavily armed police from his rural homestead in Zaka South yesterday. He has now been released. We condemn this persecution of our members.”

The incident with Mr. Manjengwa is just one of several reported cases of harassment and intimidation against opposition party members. The government has been accused of cracking down on opposition parties ahead of the elections, with many supporters facing arrest and detention.

This situation has sparked concern among the international community, with many calling for free and fair elections in Zimbabwe. The United Nations and other organizations have been monitoring the situation closely and have called for an end to the persecution of opposition parties.

The situation in Zimbabwe ahead of the elections remains tense, with opposition party supporters at risk of further persecution and intimidation. It is crucial for the government to respect the rights of all political parties and their supporters and for the international community to continue to monitor the situation and support efforts to ensure free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.

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