HARARE – On the occasion of Africa Day, the Citizens’ Coalition For Change (CCC) President Nelson Chamisa delivered a powerful message, emphasizing the vision of a new African promise and the importance of unity and freedom for the continent’s prosperity. Chamisa expressed that a truly prosperous and happy Africa can only be achieved through genuine freedom and unity.

Highlighting the theme chosen by the African Union for 2023, which focuses on accelerating the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), Chamisa acknowledged the potential of this initiative to bring greater prosperity to the continent. However, he emphasized that true freedom for Africa can only be achieved when all Africans are free.

Chamisa stressed that Africa cannot be fully secure until all Africans are secure, and that the continent’s democratic progress is incomplete until every African experiences and enjoys the benefits of democracy. Furthermore, he argued that Africa’s development will remain incomplete until every African nation and its people are developed.

To realize the Africa of their dreams, Chamisa outlined several key steps that need to be taken. He called for the tearing down of the artificial boundaries and borders that were imposed on the continent during the Berlin Conference, highlighting the need for Africans to reclaim their heritage and unite. In addition, he advocated for the adoption of a single African currency to promote economic integration and simplify trade across the continent.

Another crucial aspect mentioned by Chamisa was the establishment of a visa-free Africa, allowing for greater mobility and the strengthening of connections among African nations. He emphasized the importance of building robust security, communication, media, economic, and financial support systems and institutions to ensure the continent’s progress.

Chamisa also addressed the issue of election rigging, coups, violence, and terrorism, stating that Africa must reject and halt these detrimental practices. He called for the strengthening of democracy and the implementation of the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, providing mechanisms to address such challenges in any African country.

As he concluded his message, Chamisa extended his wishes for a happy Africa Day and rallied the African people with the slogan, “Mayibuye iAfrica!” (Let Africa return!). The CCC President’s vision for a united, prosperous, and free Africa resonated with many across the continent on this important day of celebration and reflection.

The call for a new African promise, as voiced by Nelson Chamisa, echoes the aspirations of countless Africans who yearn for a better future. Only through unity, freedom, and the dismantling of historical barriers can the continent unlock its full potential and achieve the Africa they want and deserve – a prosperous and united Africa.


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