The Late ZBC Photojournalist Idah Mhetu

HARARE  , ZBC News photojournalist Idah Mhetu has passed away, leaving her colleagues and loved ones in shock and sadness. Her death was confirmed by the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana, on Sunday morning.

While details about her passing are still unclear, the news of Mhetu’s death has once again highlighted the ongoing concerns about Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s (ZBC) propaganda.

For many years, ZBC has been accused of being a mouthpiece for the ruling Zanu-PF party, with critics saying that the station is not impartial and often peddles government propaganda.

Despite the allegations, the station has maintained that it is impartial and provides balanced coverage of news and current affairs. However, many Zimbabweans remain unconvinced, with some choosing to boycott the station altogether.

Mhetu was a talented photojournalist who was passionate about her work. According to her LinkedIn profile, she was an alumna of Midlands State University (MSU) and had been working for ZBC News for several years.

The news of her passing has been met with an outpouring of condolences from her colleagues, friends, and loved ones, who have described her as a dedicated and hardworking journalist who was committed to her craft.

It remains to be seen what impact, if any, Mhetu’s passing will have on the ongoing debate about ZBC’s impartiality. However, her death serves as a reminder of the risks that journalists face every day as they strive to bring us the news and keep us informed.

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