Zanu-Pf Terror : CCC must prepare for military defense against minority Goblin Mode Zanu-Pf

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File: Pic Opposition Leader Raila Odinga Security in Kenya

Recent incidents of Violence by the former liberation party Zanu-Pf are a clear indication of a party that will never surrender power peacefully in next year’s harmonised elections and beyond.

Years of State Capture, looting, killing and raping of innocent people have tainted Zanu-Pf mafias who are running the country, they will never surrender their power and ill-gotten wealth in exchange for jail . Comments and behaviour of Zanu-Pf leaders indicates that they prepared to use all forms of dirty tactics to remain in Power.

It is clear that ZEC, which was used by Zanu-PF to rig previous elections, will rig elections again next year.

The current political environment makes it impossible for next year’s elections to be free and fair because the opposition CCC is already being harassed a few months ahead of elections .
The arrest of CCC leaders including the party’s deputy chairman Job Sikhala proves that the police are being manipulated by Zanu-pf. All state institutions are captured.

The assassination of Moreblessing Ali is a sign that  Zanu-PF  will never change so it is up to us to take up arms and liberate our country from Zanu-PF captivity.

The is no hope in the Captured electoral system in Zimbabwe. We must force Zanu-Pf to surrender now or else we are fighting a losing battle.
Failed Mnangagwa and Zanu PF must Go now!!!!

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