Xenophobia on the Rise in South Africa: Zimbabweans Hunted and Chased Away in Limpopo

Human Rights Abuses South Africa

By Senior Reporter

Lukalo, Limpopo Province, South Africa – In a shocking turn of events, residents of Lukalo, a remote village outside of Thohoyandou, went door-to-door hunting down and chasing out Zimbabwean nationals. Despite the rainy weather, the residents were determined to clean up their village of all foreign nationals.

The xenophobic attack took place in the early hours of the morning, with residents going from house to house, forcing Zimbabweans to leave the village. Reports indicate that some Zimbabweans were beaten and forced to abandon their homes and possessions.

This latest attack on foreign nationals in South Africa is not the first of its kind. In recent years, there have been several outbreaks of xenophobic violence in different parts of the country. The government has been criticized for not taking enough action to prevent these attacks and for not doing enough to protect foreign nationals.

So far, the South African government has not issued any statement regarding the xenophobic attack in Lukalo. This has sparked concerns among the Zimbabwean community and human rights organizations who are calling on the government to take action to prevent further violence and protect foreign nationals.

This latest xenophobic attack has raised questions about the safety and security of foreign nationals in South Africa. The Zimbabwean community is calling on the government to provide them with protection and to take action against those who are responsible for the attack.

The xenophobic attack in Lukalo is a clear indication that the issue of xenophobia in South Africa is far from over. The government needs to take immediate action to prevent further violence and to protect foreign nationals. It is the responsibility of all South Africans to promote unity and to reject xenophobic attitudes.

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