HARARE , Winky D, one of Zimbabwe’s most popular musicians, has recently come under fire from the government for singing about corruption in his music. During a recent performance, Winky D was removed from the stage by police after singing “Ibotso,” a song that criticizes corruption within the government. This has sparked outrage among many Zimbabweans, who see the move as an attempt to silence dissenting voices.

According to reports, the police were acting on orders from the government, which has been accused of rampant corruption and human rights abuses. The move has been widely condemned by civil society organizations, opposition parties, and ordinary citizens, who have taken to social media to express their support for Winky D.

Team Pachedu, a Zimbabwean social media platform, has called for a boycott of Castle Tankard, a popular horse racing event sponsored by Delta Corporation, as well as Castle beer, which is also produced by the company. The platform has also urged other artists to protest the government’s treatment of Winky D, citing Baba Harare’s decision to decline an award as an example.

The incident has highlighted the growing divide between Zimbabwe’s ruling party and its citizens, particularly the youth. Many young Zimbabweans have expressed their frustration with the government’s failure to address critical issues such as corruption, unemployment, and poverty. They have also called for a more inclusive political system that respects human rights and promotes accountability.

As Zimbabwe prepares for upcoming elections, many young people are urging their peers to vote for a better Zimbabwe. They see the current government as part of the problem and believe that change is necessary if the country is to move forward.

The victimization of Winky D and other artists who speak out against corruption must stop. Zimbabweans deserve to live in a society where freedom of expression is respected, and dissenting voices are not silenced. As the country moves towards a new era, it is crucial that young people make their voices heard and demand a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

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