We must fight fire with fire #FreeJobSikhala

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We must fight fire with fire

By Tarisai Masimba

“It is time, my fellow Zimbabweans, to do whatever it takes to free Zimbabwe.”

The land of your forefathers. The land where you were born. The land that has been taken from you. Now is the time for the fight for freedom. You do not have a choice anymore. You can either be on the ground fighting or on your knees waiting for death to come knocking at your doorsteps.”

In Zimbabwe, the problem is not just Emerson Mnangagwa. Our problem is the system that has bred this monster. For Mnangagwa to go, the system must also go.

For us Zimbabweans, freedom- fighters and patriots who love our country and want to see it prosper in peace as one nation under God, we must do whatever it takes to free Zimbabwe from this unjust and corrupt system.

Some may know me as the son of Zimbabwe. My country is my everything, and I will do anything for it. It has been a long time since the liberation war for us to be free from British rule, but now we are being ruled by a dictator. The current President of Zimbabwe has been using his power to oppress the people for a long time. We don’t want anymore empty promises, we want freedom and peace.

I am calling on all Zimbabweans to come together and fight this dictatorship with whatever they have in order to gain our freedoms and most importantly, our peace back.



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