ANC Reveals Russian Party’s Warning: Arresting Putin at Brics Summit Equals War Declaration

Johannesburg – The African National Congress (ANC) has made a startling revelation, stating that the leading political party in Russia has issued a warning to South Africa. The Russian party reportedly stated that if South Africa arrests Russian President Vladimir Putin during the upcoming Brics summit, it will be interpreted as a declaration of war. This announcement comes as South Africa prepares to host the annual Brics summit later this year, with leaders from all Brics nations scheduled to attend.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) recently issued a warrant of arrest for Putin, and as a signatory member of the ICC, South Africa is obligated to comply with the court’s order. This development puts Putin at risk of arrest should he set foot in the country.

According to ANC spokesperson Obed Bapela, a party delegation, including himself, traveled to Russia earlier this year for talks with the leading political party. During these discussions, Bapela claims that the Russian party conveyed a clear message: “If South Africa dares to arrest our president, it will be interpreted as a declaration of war on us.”

Bapela highlighted Russia’s status as a founding member of Brics and emphasized that South Africa, as the host of the upcoming event in Durban, does not have the authority to prevent Russia’s attendance.

The situation poses a significant dilemma for South Africa. On one hand, the country is bound by its commitment as an ICC signatory member to execute the warrant of arrest if Putin enters its jurisdiction. On the other hand, defying the Russian warning could have serious geopolitical repercussions and potentially escalate tensions between the two nations.

The Brics summit serves as an essential platform for economic cooperation and dialogue among Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The summit aims to strengthen ties between these influential emerging economies and discuss pressing global issues. Hosting the event is a significant opportunity for South Africa to showcase its economic potential and bolster international partnerships.

As the Brics summit draws closer, South Africa faces the challenging task of balancing its obligations as an ICC member with the potential consequences of arresting a world leader on its soil. The ANC has not provided further details regarding the discussions with the Russian party or the potential steps South Africa may take to address this delicate situation.

The international community will closely watch how South Africa handles this predicament, as it could have far-reaching implications not only for the Brics alliance but also for diplomatic relations between South Africa and Russia.

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