PRETORIA , In a recent development, the United States’ ambassador to South Africa has made accusations against the country, alleging that it covertly supplied arms to Russia despite officially maintaining a neutral position in the war in Ukraine.

Ambassador Reuben Brigety expressed confidence that weapons and ammunition were loaded onto a Russian vessel that secretly docked at a Cape Town naval base in December. Speaking at a press conference in Pretoria, Brigety emphasized the gravity of arming Russia and stated that the issue remained unresolved.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa responded to these claims by stating that the government is actively investigating the allegations. The alleged incident occurred between December 6-8, when the Lady R, a cargo vessel under western sanctions and flying a Russian flag, docked at Simon’s Town, South Africa’s largest naval base.

Brigety stressed the importance of South Africa adhering to its non-alignment policy and urged the nation to take appropriate measures. Despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, South Africa has chosen not to condemn the action, asserting its preference for neutrality and a focus on diplomatic dialogue.

Earlier this year, the South African navy conducted joint military exercises with Russia and China, citing pre-existing plans that aimed to strengthen the relations between the three countries.

During a visit to South Africa in January, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov placed blame on the West for the conflict in Ukraine. The situation remains dynamic, and further updates from reliable news sources are recommended to stay informed on this evolving story.

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