Unlike Zanu-Pf that defends violence by its members, Zambia’s UPND has condemned attacks on opposition by its members

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UPND condemns attack on Opposition Mp

The UPND leadership has condemned the recent attacks of Kwacha Member of Parliament JOSEPH MALANJI by suspected cadres.

UPND Spokesperson, CORNELIUS MWEETWA says such unruly behaviour by the suspected cadres on a law maker will NOT be condoned under the new dawn Government.

Mr. MWEETWA explains that Mr. MALANJI, being the area MP, does NOT require a police permit to carry out parliamentary duties unless when he needs police for protection.

He has told ZNBC News in an interview that it is sad that the unruly youths are going against President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s continued efforts to completely bring an end to cadreism.

Mr. MWEETWA said the party will NOT sheild anyone, who was involved in the attack of Mr. MALANJI.

He said the party will ensure that the law takes its course in order to deter unruly conduct future.

On Tuesday July 19, 2022 suspected UPND cadres attacked Mr. MALANJI while he was conducting his parliamentary activities in his constituency.

Source ZNBC News

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