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Harare, Zimbabwe – The trial of Mary Mubaiwa, former wife of Zimbabwe’s Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, on charges of attempting to kill him by unplugging his hospital life support system and trying to sneak him out of the ward continued on April 11. Andrew Mugari, one of Chiwenga’s security officers who accompanied him to South Africa in 2019 for medical treatment, testified before magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka.

During cross-examination by Mubaiwa’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, Mugari stated that he saw Chiwenga at the door with Mubaiwa behind him, but did not see who removed the tubes from Chiwenga’s body. He claimed that he helped Chiwenga back to his bed and called a nurse who reattached the tubes. Mugari also testified that he saw bloodstains under Chiwenga’s bed and on the right side of his t-shirt.

Mubaiwa allegedly ordered Mugari to wash the blood-stained t-shirt and not show it to hospital staff. Mugari managed to take a photograph of the stained t-shirt before washing it. The trial will continue on April 25.

Prosecutor Ephraim Zinyandu asked for time to prepare for the re-examination of the witness, as he was not the leading prosecutor when the trial commenced. There was some disagreement between the State and Mtetwa during the questioning of Mugari, which led to an adjournment of the court for a brief period.

Mary Mubaiwa has denied all charges against her, including money laundering and fraud, and was granted bail in December 2019.
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