HARARE, Jacob Ngarivhume, the leader of Transform Zimbabwe, has taken to Twitter to criticize President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s links to the Gold Mafia and to call for accountability. Ngarivhume has been vocal on social media, stating that if Zimbabweans persist in calling for accountability, Mnangagwa’s bid for re-election will be over.

Ngarivhume has also been critical of the main opposition party, the CCC, accusing them of inaction and compromising with the government. In a recent tweet, he stated, “Only compromised opposition politicians want this to go away quietly.”

However, Ngarivhume’s outspokenness has come at a cost. He has been facing persecution by the state and has been threatened with imprisonment to silence him. Despite this, Ngarivhume has continued to speak out and to demand accountability.

The issue of the Gold Mafia has been a controversial topic in Zimbabwe. The illegal gold trade is believed to be worth billions of dollars and has been linked to corrupt government officials and criminal networks. Mnangagwa has been accused of being involved in the illegal trade and of protecting those who profit from it.

Ngarivhume’s tweets have sparked debate on social media, with many Zimbabweans expressing their support for his calls for accountability. Some have called for more action to be taken to hold those in power accountable for their actions.

The upcoming election in Zimbabwe is expected to be closely contested, with Mnangagwa facing opposition from a number of candidates. Ngarivhume’s comments may have an impact on the election and could influence the way Zimbabweans vote.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the election will be and whether Ngarivhume’s calls for accountability will be heeded. However, his courage in speaking out against corruption and his commitment to the truth have won him a few admirers and supporters.

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