There Is A Surprise Coming says CCC President  CDE Nelson Chamisa

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By Staff Reporter
Harare, Zimbabwe – Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) leader  CDE Nelson Chamisa sent a tweet that has Zimbabweans talking. In the tweet, he says “There is a surprise coming.” He goes on to say that “nobody can ever ban or stop an idea or a moment whose time has come.”

The tweet has been interpreted by many as a hint of some sort of major announcement or change on the horizon. The hashtag #Fakapressure and #Fakaprayer used in the tweet have been trending in Zimbabwe, with many people expressing their excitement and anticipation of what the surprise could be.

CDE Chamisa, who has been a vocal critic of the government, has been a major figure in the political landscape of Zimbabwe. He has been at the forefront of the push for change and a more democratic system in the country.

In the tweet, CDE Chamisa expresses his hope for Zimbabwe to be “free, just, peaceful and prosperous.” This sentiment has resonated with many Zimbabweans, who have been calling for change in the country for years.

There is speculation that the surprise could be related to the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe. However, Chamisa and his party have not yet confirmed this.

The citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) and its leader have been at the center of political discussions in Zimbabwe, and this latest tweet has only added to the excitement. The country is on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what the surprise will be and how it will impact the future of Zimbabwe.

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