HARARE – In a strongly worded statement released today, the Citizens’ Coalition For Change (CCC) denounced the decision by the Speaker of Parliament, Advocate Jacob Mudenda, to block the parliamentary committees from investigating the explosive revelations presented in the #GoldMafia documentary. The documentary, which uncovered extensive evidence pointing to President Mnangagwa’s involvement as the ringleader of a gold smuggling operation, has sent shockwaves throughout the nation.

The CCC, the official opposition party, expressed deep concern over the Speaker’s decision, arguing that it hampers the pursuit of justice and accountability for the alleged crimes. The evidence presented in the documentary indicates widespread corruption, looting, money laundering, and the illicit trafficking of gold, diamonds, and chrome, with political elites and their close associates allegedly involved.

By preventing a thorough investigation into the claims made in the #GoldMafia documentary, the Speaker’s decision raises serious doubts about the commitment of the regime to transparency and accountability. The CCC believes that the swift and impartial investigation of these allegations is crucial to ensure that those responsible for these illegal activities face the full force of the law.

In their statement, the CCC demanded immediate action to address the matter, urging relevant authorities to initiate a comprehensive investigation to unearth the truth and hold accountable those involved in the alleged gold smuggling operation. The party stressed the need for justice to prevail and for those implicated in these serious crimes to be brought before the courts.

The CCC’s denouncement of the Speaker’s decision underscores their determination to combat corruption and protect the interests of the Zimbabwean people. The party has consistently advocated for a more transparent and accountable government that prioritizes the welfare and rights of its citizens.

As public concern grows over the allegations raised in the #GoldMafia documentary, pressure is mounting on the government to address the issue promptly and take decisive action. Citizens across the country are looking to the authorities to demonstrate their commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring that no one, regardless of their position or affiliation, is above the law.

The CCC’s call for justice echoes the sentiments of many Zimbabweans who are frustrated with the persistence of corruption and illicit activities that hinder the country’s progress. The party remains committed to advocating for change and holding the government accountable for its actions.

As the controversy surrounding the #GoldMafia documentary continues to unfold, the CCC will closely monitor the developments and persist in their pursuit of justice. The eyes of the nation are now fixed on the authorities, awaiting their response to the demands for a comprehensive investigation into the alleged gold smuggling operation and the subsequent arrest of those involved.

#ARRESTGOLDMAFIA has become a rallying cry for citizens who are determined to see an end to corruption and the protection of Zimbabwe’s valuable resources. The CCC’s denouncement of the Speaker’s decision serves as a reminder that the fight against corruption requires unwavering determination and a commitment to upholding the principles of justice and transparency.

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