The High Court in Lilongwe has ruled in favor of Fake Prophet Shepherd Bushiri”allowing South African witnesses to physically testify in Malawi

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LILONGWE, MALAWI – The High Court in Lilongwe has ruled in favor of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, allowing South African witnesses to physically testify in the ongoing extradition proceedings. The decision comes after the Bushiris appealed against an earlier ruling by the Magistrate Court that witnesses should testify in South Africa.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, also known as the “Major 1,” is facing extradition charges from South Africa to Malawi on allegations of fraud and money laundering. The self-proclaimed prophet and his wife, Mary Bushiri, fled South Africa in November 2020 and were arrested in Malawi a few days later.

The witnesses to the extradition hearing are representatives of the requesting state who will be able to satisfy the court that their request meets all the requirements under Section 6 of the Extradition Act. They will also answer questions and be cross-examined by the fugitive offenders.

In recent months, the case has gained widespread attention, with supporters of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri rallying behind him, claiming that he is a victim of political persecution. However, the South African government has rejected these claims, stating that the case is solely based on evidence of criminal activity.

The decision of the High Court in Lilongwe is a significant development in the ongoing extradition proceedings and is being seen as a victory for the South African government in their efforts to bring Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to justice. The next hearing is expected to take place in the coming weeks, and it remains to be seen how this latest ruling will impact the outcome of the case.

In conclusion, the case of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri continues to make headlines and attract attention from both local and international media, as the fate of the controversial figure hangs in the balance.

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