In a recent statement, the African National Congress (ANC) revealed its unyielding support for Zimbabwe’s tyrannical regime, sparking outrage and disbelief among those who champion freedom, justice, and human rights. ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula’s declaration that the party does not endorse the idea of regime change in Zimbabwe is not only misguided but reeks of xenophobia towards the majority of Zimbabweans who are victims of Zanu-PF’s oppressive rule. It is an affront to the values that the ANC claims to uphold and a betrayal of the principles of solidarity and liberation.

Mbalula’s assertion that Zimbabweans flooding into South Africa are merely seeking refuge from a country in turmoil is a gross oversimplification and a disservice to the truth. The reality is that Zimbabweans are fleeing their homeland due to the disastrous consequences of Zanu-PF’s misrule, which has led to economic collapse, rampant corruption, and severe human rights abuses. They are escaping a regime that has clamped down on dissent, stifled free speech, and perpetuated a culture of fear and intimidation.

South Africa, as a neighboring country, bears the burden of this influx of desperate Zimbabweans seeking sanctuary. However, instead of extending a compassionate hand to these individuals who have been uprooted from their homes, the ANC allows them to be exploited as cheap labor, subjecting them to modern-day slavery. The ANC’s failure to address the root causes of the Zimbabwean crisis and to advocate for meaningful change not only perpetuates their suffering but also deepens the economic and social burdens on South Africa.

It is deeply concerning that the ANC, a party with a storied history of fighting against oppression, has chosen to align itself with the very oppressors in Zimbabwe. By refusing to support the calls for regime change, the ANC effectively endorses the continuation of a regime that has brought untold suffering upon its people. The ANC’s stance is a betrayal of the countless Zimbabweans who had hoped for solidarity and support from their South African neighbors in their struggle for freedom and democracy.

Mbalula’s misplaced blame on Western nations for the dire situation in Zimbabwe further highlights the ANC’s refusal to take responsibility for its own complicity in the crisis. While international sanctions have undoubtedly had an impact, they are a response to the human rights abuses and undemocratic practices of the Zanu-PF regime. Instead of urging for accountability and justice, the ANC shields Zanu-PF from criticism and calls for the removal of sanctions. This approach only serves to prolong the suffering of Zimbabweans and undermines the very principles of justice and equality that the ANC claims to champion.

The ANC must realize that its duty goes beyond political alliances and historical connections. It must prioritize the well-being and rights of all people, regardless of their nationality. By supporting Zanu-PF and turning a blind eye to the plight of Zimbabweans, the ANC is complicit in perpetuating a cycle of oppression and injustice.

The ANC’s policy on Zimbabwe is not only misguided; it is a betrayal of the values that the party purports to uphold. It is a xenophobic stance that disregards the suffering of the majority in Zimbabwe and exacerbates the burdens faced by South Africa. The ANC must reconsider its position, align itself with the aspirations of the Zimbabwean people, and work towards a future that embodies the principles of justice, freedom, and solidarity that it once fought for. Anything less would be a grave disservice to the legacy of the ANC and a betrayal of its own people.

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