The banning of CCC rallies is not only an infringement on the rights of the citizens, but it also undermines the credibility of Zimbabwe’s upcoming elections

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By Tarisai Masimba

As the world moves forward and embraces the principles of democracy and freedom of speech, Zimbabwe continues to suppress the voices of its citizens. The recent ban on rallies by the country’s main opposition party, Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC), led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa, is a clear violation of citizens’ rights and a setback for democracy.

The right to peacefully assemble and express one’s views is a fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution. The fact that the Zimbabwean police are denying this right to citizens who want to participate in peaceful demonstrations is unacceptable and must be condemned by all who believe in democracy and human rights.

The banning of rallies is not only an infringement on the rights of the citizens, but it also undermines the credibility of the upcoming elections. A free and fair election requires an environment in which all parties are able to freely express their views and engage with the voters. By banning rallies, the government is essentially creating a one-sided election where only one voice is heard, thereby denying the citizens the right to make an informed decision.

Furthermore, the ban on rallies is a clear indication that the government is not committed to transparency and accountability. It is unacceptable that the government is using its power to silence the opposition and limit the free exchange of ideas. This kind of behavior only serves to create an environment of fear and intimidation, which is not conducive to a free and fair election.

The illegal ban on rallies by the citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) must be lifted immediately. The government must respect the rights of the citizens and allow them to express their views freely. The upcoming elections must be transparent, fair, and free, and the government must ensure that the rights of all citizens are protected and respected. The world is watching, and it is imperative that Zimbabwe upholds the principles of democracy and human rights.

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