HARARE , A delegation from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has concluded its one-week visit to Zimbabwe to assess the country’s preparedness for the upcoming national elections. The delegation, led by Eswatini judge Ticheme Dlamini, met with stakeholders such as the ruling party, opposition parties, media, and civic society organizations. They are set to give their verdict in about two weeks, just before Zimbabwe goes to the polls to elect a president, parliamentarians, and municipal councillors in July or August.

According to Dlamini, the delegation achieved its mission and was thankful to the stakeholders for their overwhelming response. However, some opposition political parties were unhappy with the visit, claiming they did not get a chance to express their concerns. The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change highlighted concerns regarding the voters’ roll, which they believe is not credible.

The People’s Progressive Party of Zimbabwe’s Timothy Chiguvare expressed disappointment with SADC, claiming that the Zanu PF government has no credentials to supervise or manage the election. He further stated that Zimbabwe needs help from SADC, ECOWAS, and the African Union to break the unholy alliance between the ruling party and the military.

Zimbabwe’s last national elections, held in 2018, were disputed. It remains to be seen whether and how the SADC Electoral Advisory Council believes things will be different this time around.

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