Rhodesia’s Troubled Past Continues to Haunt as Sympathizers Speak Out

In a series of emotionally charged tweets, a self-proclaimed Rhodesian sympathizer, who goes by the name RhodieEx on Twitter, shared harrowing accounts of the tragic events that unfolded on a Zimbabwean farm nearly two decades ago. The sympathizer, seemingly dedicated to keeping the memory of Rhodesia alive, recounted the heroic struggle of Martin Olds, a Rhodesian farmer who valiantly fought against a well-armed group of assailants.

RhodieEx’s tweets shed light on the horrifying circumstances surrounding Martin Olds’ last stand on April 18, 2000. Despite being injured and trapped in his burning farmhouse, Olds fought relentlessly for five grueling hours against a professional military hit squad of approximately 70 thugs armed with AK47 automatics and armor-piercing bullets. The sympathizer claims that the attack was ordered by former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

The tweets also lamented the fate of Martin Olds’ mother, Gloria Olds, who, around a year later, suffered a similarly gruesome fate at the hands of the same organized group of assailants. According to the tweets, Gloria Olds, a 68-year-old farmer, was shot in the legs while attempting to crawl to her truck for safety. The assailants callously shot her three dogs before mercilessly ending her life.

It is important to note that these accounts come solely from RhodieEx’s perspective, and their veracity cannot be independently confirmed. However, they have garnered significant attention due to the emotional nature of the content and the sympathizer’s apparent desire to highlight the plight of Rhodesian farmers.

RhodieEx further described how Martin Olds, despite having a collection of typical farm firearms such as hunting rifles, pistols, and shotguns, ultimately ran out of ammunition during his courageous last stand. The sympathizer believes that Olds’ death was a turning point that eventually led to the removal of laws restricting the amount of ammunition farmers could possess.

Adding another layer of alleged complicity, RhodieEx claimed that the police, possibly cooperating with the assailants, obstructed the ambulance that attempted to reach Martin Olds. Instead, paramedics were allegedly coerced into treating two of the assailants, further highlighting a deeply troubling state of affairs.

One of RhodieEx’s followers, who goes by the name Isabelt, responded to the tweets with a heartbreaking sentiment. Isabelt expressed sorrow over the tragic events and expressed disbelief that now there is a desire to bring back white people, seemingly referring to recent discussions or developments in Zimbabwe.

These tweets by RhodieEx and the subsequent response from Isabelt have sparked controversy and reignited discussions about Zimbabwe’s troubled history and the plight of farmers during that era. While the perspectives shared on social media are diverse and often subjective, they serve as a reminder of the deep scars that still persist in the collective memory of those who identify with Rhodesia.

It is important to approach these accounts with caution, as they represent a particular viewpoint and may not necessarily reflect the entire truth of the historical events discussed. However, the emotional impact of such stories cannot be understated, highlighting the ongoing need for dialogue and reconciliation in addressing Zimbabwe’s complex past.

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