Rape Accused Mnangagwa Must Step-down

Opinion Politics Zimbabwe

By Tarisai Masimba

Embattled President Emmerson Mnangagwa must step down as he is facing serious allegations. One of the most recent being that he raped the then 15 year old Suzan Mutami

Mnangagwa is fighting off allegations of raping a minor and several women, the country is demanding that he resigns.

Everyone in Zimbabwe know that the butcher is unfit to rule this country. Thus, it’s time for him to go!

The Zimbabwean president has been under fire for his alleged sexual assaults on women and for generally running the country in a very corrupt manner.

Mnangagwa is an old-school dictator who used to be part of Mugabe’s regime. He is blatantly running the country as if it were his family farm, acquiring land and forcing people off of it with violence or trickery.

He is also a liar and manipulator – after taking over as president he said that he would rule according to the constitution, but instead he has declared himself president-for-life.

He should not be allowed to get away with his crimes any longer.

Mnangagwa, is also facing serious allegations of raping former police commissioner Augustine Chihuri’s pregnant wife. He must be forced to go now.

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