Chamisa Demands Aspiring CCC Candidates Prove Loyalty To “The Creator”

Aspiring candidates for Zimbabwe’s opposition party, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), are required to prove their loyalty to God, according to CCC’s leader, Nelson Chamisa. The party is currently vetting those nominated to represent it in Parliament and local authorities.

The Credentials and Track Record form CS100D requires nominees to demonstrate loyalty to the party, the country, and the Creator. Chamisa stated that the vetting process would be thorough and meticulous to prevent infiltration by members of Zimbabwe’s ruling party, ZANU PF.

However, some political commentators criticized CCC’s candidate selection process for stifling internal party democracy. They argued that the procedure prioritizes candidate qualifications and security checks, jeopardizing internal democracy. They also pointed out that the selection process could be an opportunity to impose candidates, particularly those who support the movement’s “Creator.”

Despite criticism, some experts believe that CCC’s stringent candidate selection process could prove beneficial in the long run. Critical studies scholar, Dr. Khanyile Mlotshwa, argued that political parties should put forward aspiring leaders with a reputable track record working for the community.

The CCC’s candidate nomination process is being conducted by an independent body, the Citizens’ Independent Candidate Selection Panel (CISP). The process has four stages: candidate nomination, candidate vetting, candidates’ caucuses, and the declaration of successful candidates.

Critics argue that CCC’s candidate selection process undermines internal democracy, while others believe that it could benefit society in the long run by ensuring that elected officials have a reputable track record of working for the community. The CCC’s candidate nomination process will continue to be monitored by political analysts and scholars.

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