CCC candidates vetting complete

The Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC), an opposition party in Zimbabwe, has completed the vetting of candidates for all constituencies and council wards across the country. The announcement was made by the party’s spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere, who revealed that the candidates had been successfully nominated and vetted for each of the 210 constituencies and 1,971 wards in Zimbabwe.

Mahere stated that the party is now at the citizen caucus stage where citizens will have a say on who will be the best representative for each respective community. According to the CCC candidate selection procedures document, the process is in five parts: nomination, candidate acceptance confirmation, candidate vetting, announcement of candidates that would have passed the vetting stage, and consensus-building caucuses before the official announcement of victorious candidates.

The nomination process was initially hit by confusion and chaos, with some candidates crying foul. However, the party’s deputy spokesperson, Gift Siziba, assured participants that those who failed the vetting test would have an opportunity to approach the appeals committee.

The CCC aims to ensure that its 2023 Agenda, which includes coming up with MPs and councillors to stand as citizen representatives in all constituencies and wards throughout the country, is delivered. The party’s ultimate goal is to form a government and to usher in a new Great Zimbabwe with leaders who will deliver dignity, freedom, and prosperity for all.

The CCC is confident of winning the next general elections and is well on course to ensure that the citizens’ movement is competently and ethically represented in every community of Zimbabwe. Mahere said that the citizens would have the opportunity to put a permanent end in the ballot box to the repression, persecution, hunger, and poverty created by Zanu PF, the current ruling party.

To date, only nominations for Harare West have been made public, and everything else is being kept under wraps until the official announcement of victorious candidates.

Sources -MasimbaNews ✍🏿 / The NewsHawks

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