Zimbabwe’s main Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has denied claims that he was the lawyer for business tycoon Simon Rudland in 2016. The claims came after an Al Jazeera documentary called “Gold Mafia” implicated Rudland in gold smuggling and money laundering activities. Presidential spokesperson George Charamba suggested that Chamisa’s silence on the matter was due to his alleged association with Rudland.

However, Chamisa denied the claim and argued that his critics were pointing fingers at the wrong person. He stated that the responsibility and accountability lie with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who presides over the nation and the Reserve Bank. Chamisa emphasized that the problem is corruption and he has no relationship with any of the people involved in the scandal.

Chamisa also criticized the presidential spokesperson for not understanding how lawyers, particularly advocates, function. He clarified that he was not responsible for the Rudland matter and that advocate Thabani Mpofu was the principal advocate in the case.

The “Gold Mafia” scandal has gained global attention and was even discussed in the British House of Lords. The documentary implicates Zimbabwe ambassador at large and preacher Uebert Angel, Zimbabwe Miners Federation boss Henrietta Rushwaya, the first family, gold dealer Ewan MacMillan, and business tycoon Simon Rudland.

Chamisa’s denial of the claims will likely alleviate concerns that he is connected to the corruption scandal. However, the scandal continues to cast a shadow on Zimbabwe’s political and economic landscape. The government has yet to respond to the allegations made in the documentary.

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