Constantino Chiwenga

By Chibwamupengo

In a surprising turn of events, Zimbabwean Vice President Retired General Constantino Chiwenga recently made a visit to Zambia, specifically to the Mambwe district, to inspect infrastructure at the new Mambwe District Hospital. While this may seem like a routine official trip, upon closer examination, there are several reasons to question the true motives behind this visit.

First and foremost, it is important to consider the current political climate in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. Zimbabwe, under the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is facing numerous challenges, including a struggling economy, rampant corruption, and allegations of human rights abuses. The ruling party, ZANU-PF, has been divided into factions, with Mnangagwa and his Vice President, Chiwenga, at the center of a power struggle.

Interestingly, Zambia’s ruling partyh has close ties to Zimbabwe’s opposition party, the Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC). This raises eyebrows about the timing of Chiwenga’s visit, as Zim is set to hold elections within Three months from now. The possibility of political maneuvering and behind-the-scenes discussions cannot be dismissed.

Moreover, the recent lifting of the ban on disclosing procurement of health assets by President Mnangagwa adds another layer of suspicion. It is worth noting that Chiwenga, in addition to being the Vice President, also holds the position of Minister of Health. The timing of this policy change, coupled with Chiwenga’s visit to Zambia, could be seen as an attempt to divert attention from the internal issues plaguing the Zimbabwean government.

Furthermore, the recent Al Jazeera documentary, “Gold Mafia,” shed light on alleged corruption networks in Zimbabwe and implicated President Mnangagwa as a central figure. This revelation has undoubtedly added fuel to the fire within ZANU-PF, intensifying the power struggle between Chiwenga and Mnangagwa. Chiwenga’s trip to Zambia could be seen as a strategic move to garner international support and strengthen his position within the ruling party.

The choice of the Mambwe district and the specific focus on the new hospital facility also raise suspicion. The hospital is being built by NMS Infrastructure Limited, a company that operates in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. While it is not uncommon for officials to visit infrastructure projects, the timing and circumstances of this particular visit cannot be ignored. It is essential to question whether there are underlying motives, such as kickbacks or personal gain, associated with this inspection.

Vice President Chiwenga’s trip to Zambia, amid the ongoing political and economic turmoil in Zimbabwe, raises significant suspicion. Given the close ties between Zambia’s ruling party, the UNDP, and Zimbabwe’s opposition party, the CCC, it is crucial to question the true motives behind this visit. With elections on the horizon, the timing of Chiwenga’s trip and the recent revelations of corruption within the Zimbabwean government only add to the suspicion. It is vital for the public and the international community to remain vigilant and demand transparency and accountability from their leaders.

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