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In a recent tweet, Ugandan political analyst Dr. David Matsanga boldly announced the upcoming release of his book, promising to expose the alleged perpetrators behind Zimbabwe’s tumultuous past. Dr. Matsanga’s sensational claim that the late Morgan Tsvangirai, alongside former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, orchestrated the chaos and subsequent sanctions in Zimbabwe is not only baseless but also lacks credibility. As the Editor In Chief of Masimba News, I feel compelled to set the record straight and debunk these outrageous allegations.

To begin with, Dr. Matsanga’s comparison between Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai is both ill-informed and misleading. While Mugabe’s legacy is marred by his authoritarian rule and the tragic events of Gukurahundi, which resulted in the loss of thousands of innocent lives, Tsvangirai has consistently advocated for democratic principles and the well-being of Zimbabweans. Unlike Mugabe, who ruthlessly grabbed numerous farms and silenced opposition supporters through rigging and violence, Tsvangirai never had blood on his hands. It is a disservice to the truth to equate the two individuals in such a manner.

Furthermore, Dr. Matsanga’s claim that Tony Blair and Tsvangirai destroyed Zimbabwe is nothing short of a conspiracy theory lacking substantial evidence. It is essential to note that the challenges faced by Zimbabwe are multi-faceted and cannot be solely attributed to external actors. While international pressure and sanctions have undoubtedly impacted the nation, Zimbabwe’s internal affairs, including mismanagement of resources and corruption, have played a significant role in its current state. Blaming individuals without factual evidence only serves to divert attention from the real issues at hand.

Dr. Matsanga’s intention to profit from spreading such inflammatory claims is concerning. The mere suggestion that a copy of his book can be purchased for £25 raises doubts about the credibility and integrity of his narrative. Sensationalism and the pursuit of personal gain should never overshadow the pursuit of truth and objective reporting.

It is crucial for readers to critically evaluate the sources of information they encounter. In this age of rampant misinformation, we must be vigilant in distinguishing fact from fiction. The responsibility lies with us, the readers, to demand evidence-based arguments and credible sources.

As the Editor In Chief of Masimba News, I urge the public not to be swayed by sensational claims that lack substance. Zimbabwe’s history is complex, and simplifying it to a single narrative or scapegoating individuals is an injustice to the countless Zimbabweans who have suffered and continue to endure. Let us focus on constructive dialogue and efforts towards a brighter future for all Zimbabweans, free from the shackles of oppression and division.

Latin Vocabulary:

In dubio pro reo – When in doubt, favor the accused (highlighting the lack of evidence in Dr. Matsanga’s claims).
Ignorantia legis neminem excusat – Ignorance of the law excuses no one (encouraging readers to critically evaluate information and seek the truth).

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Who is David Matsanga?

David Matsanga is a man who changes with the tide. The 62-year-old born in Bududa, then part of Mbale district, fled Uganda in 1986 after President Yoweri Museveni came to power.

David Matsanga

Matsanga claims he has a masters degree in Political Sciences and a Phd in Psychology. However, it is not clear if he sat his A level examinations. Colleagues who have been with Matsanga know him as a man who is quick at sniffing opportunities. When Idi Amin was overthrown in 1979, he embraced the new rulers the UNLA Government.

He eventually joined the UPC youth wing and the intelligence service, then called National Security Agency. Around 1983 he was arrested after being suspected of having killed a person during a brawl in a Mbale bar. He remained in detention until the Obote government fell in 1985. Upon release from jail, he tried to start a business in his home area, Bududa. Before he was appointed LRA negotiator, Matsanga was a public relations consultant to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

Based in the UK then, he was credited for boosting Mugabe image internationally, especially after his re-election in 2002, through his research outfit called Africa Strategy. Matsanga, however, fell out with Mugabe after he was allegedly tortured in Harare.

David Matsanga, the Chairperson of the Pan African Forum, who wants the presiding judge in the case, Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, to recuse himself. In his application, Matsanga wants the judge cited for subjudice for allegedly commenting about the Kenya-Somalia case outside court and conflict of interest because he is a Somali national.

Matsanga is apprehensive of a ‘risk of an unbalanced and a biased outcome’ in the case.

“We have interest in the Kenya/Somali case as regional natives of the East and the Horn of Africa,” he said. On the judges’ nationality, Matsanga said, “As a Somali national, his heart falls near Somali,” adding that the judge had been addressing matters pending before the court in forums outside the court.

“As a Pana African Forum, we view these statements as roadside shows that makes the President of the ICJ not fit to preside over the matter between Kenya and Somalia,” he said. He urged Kenya not to take part in the ICJ proceedings, in sentiments shared by petitioners in a case filed in Nairobi,

where a lobby group moved to court seeking to compel Kenya to keep off the matter, in favour of an alternative dispute resolution process. “We call upon the government of Kenya not to take part in the proceedings on September 9, 2019 if the President of ICJ will be on the panel because this will create a miscarriage of justice,” he said.

Source Somali Times

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