Thousands of Norton residents in Harare gathered at the Norton Citizens Caucus, organized by the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), to express their unwavering support for the CCC candidate and son of the late veteran politician, former Prime Minister Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. The event, held at a local venue, saw a significant turnout as residents voiced their desire for change and a departure from the incumbent Themba Mliswa.

Themba Mliswa, an independent candidate and the current sitting representative for the Norton Constituency, has come under fire from constituents for allegedly aligning himself with President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Mliswa’s perceived support for Mnangagwa’s policies and actions has eroded his standing within the community, leaving him with little chance of retaining his seat in the upcoming elections.

The CCC, led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa, has gained considerable traction in Norton, with its promises of reform and a fresh start for the constituency. As the son of the revered late Prime Minister Tsvangirai, the CCC candidate carries the weight of his father’s legacy and enjoys widespread support from the electorate.

The Norton Citizens Caucus served as a platform for residents to voice their concerns, engage with the CCC candidate, and solidify their commitment to effecting change in the upcoming elections. The gathering highlighted the palpable enthusiasm and optimism among the Norton community, with attendees expressing their belief that the CCC party will emerge victorious in the elections scheduled to take place between July and August.

However, the delay in President Mnangagwa’s proclamation of the election date has raised some concerns among the populace. This perceived reluctance has left some people worried about the transparency and fairness of the electoral process. Despite these fears, the momentum behind the CCC remains strong, and Norton residents continue to show their determination to make their voices heard.

The CCC’s focus on social and economic reforms, as well as their commitment to good governance, has resonated with Norton residents who are eager for change. The overwhelming attendance at the Norton Citizens Caucus is indicative of a shifting political landscape in the constituency, as residents seek a representative who aligns with their aspirations and values.

As the elections draw closer, the Norton Constituency finds itself at a pivotal moment, with the CCC poised to challenge the incumbent Mliswa. With the support of a united community, a dynamic leader, and a powerful legacy, the CCC aims to bring about a new era for Norton, leaving Mliswa with an uphill battle to retain his seat.

The upcoming elections will undoubtedly test the resolve of the Norton residents and shape the future of the constituency. As the CCC gains momentum and support, the Norton Citizens Caucus has become a symbol of the electorate’s determination to usher in change, while simultaneously highlighting the challenges and uncertainties surrounding the electoral process.

Pic – Richard Tsvangirai Addressing Norton Residents

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