HARARE, Nelson Chamisa has been nominated as the presidential candidate for the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in the upcoming Zimbabwean elections. The announcement was made at a press conference held in Harare on Thursday by the Citizen’s Independent Selection Panel (CISP).

During the press conference, Rashid Mahiya, a member of CISP, stated that the candidate selection process received an overwhelming response from aspiring candidates. Mahiya explained that local authority nominations had been received from all 36,000 villages, thousands of streets, and 1,970 wards. Furthermore, nominations for the House of Assembly had been received from all 210 constituencies.

In some hotly contested constituencies, 11 nominations were received for a single seat, while some candidates were also nominated in constituencies dominated by the ruling party, Zanu-PF.

Mahiya went on to say that all streets and villages had nominated Chamisa as the presidential candidate. Although the final tally for women and youth nominations has yet to be announced, an unprecedented number of women have been nominated, with many emerging in both the first post and proportional representation nomination.

CISP outlined the qualifications and track record checks that nominated candidates would undergo, including compliance with relevant statutes, community standing and track record, political history, and security, among others.

Caucuses will take place nationwide, after which the names of successful candidates will be announced. Mahiya stated that all nominated candidates would receive fair and equal opportunities during the selection process.

Chamisa’s nomination as the presidential candidate for CCC comes as no surprise, given his popularity and high-profile in Zimbabwean politics. The upcoming elections are expected to be hotly contested, and Chamisa’s nomination will undoubtedly be viewed as a major boost for the opposition.
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