HARARE – Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader and CCC President, Nelson Chamisa, took to social media to share a nostalgic moment from his past, sparking a flurry of responses and inquiries about his achievements during his tenure as Minister of Information Communication Technology in the Inclusive Government. Chamisa’s tweet featured an image of himself alongside the late former President Robert Mugabe, with a caption expressing his readiness to serve in a different capacity.

The tweet caught the attention of many, including Nzekete AG, who asked about Chamisa’s achievements during his time as the Minister of Information Communication Technology. Chamisa promptly responded by highlighting some of the key accomplishments under his leadership. He mentioned the development of Zimbabwe’s ICT policy framework, the provision of cheaper and more affordable ICT products, the successful network rollout through ZimComnect, and the initiation of the E-government project. Chamisa also cited the recognition his department received with the ICT Achievers Award and the efforts made towards digitalizing government processes and computerizing rural schools. Furthermore, he mentioned the deployment of the Universal Services Fund to extend network coverage to remote areas.

The exchange drew the attention of other Twitter users, with M.K.C Masawi expressing admiration for former President Mugabe’s previous statement about Chamisa being “Supersonic.” The Rozvi Emperor chimed in with a short message, suggesting that Nzekete AG’s question had been adequately answered.

Among the supportive comments, DenzyofthemostHighGod expressed confidence in Chamisa’s ability to bring about positive change in Zimbabwe. Chamisa replied by stating his firm belief in a brighter future for the country, emphasizing that Zimbabwe would be great, number one, and glorious.

The discussion took a political turn when Nyasha (Dam Fest) Mutsauri inquired about the selection of Members of Parliament (MPs) for the upcoming elections. Chamisa responded by asserting that the citizens had already chosen their representatives, referring to them as the “yellow juggernaut” – a likely reference to his political party, the Citizens’Coalition For Change CCC .

Another Twitter user, PreciousNomzamo, urged Chamisa to transform Zimbabwe in the same way he had transformed the ICT department during his ministerial tenure. PreciousNomzamo also sent their support from the Bulilima region.

Nelson Chamisa’s tweet and the subsequent replies showcase the ongoing interest and engagement of Zimbabweans with the opposition leader. As the country prepares for the upcoming elections, Chamisa’s messages continue to resonate with supporters who believe in his ability to bring about positive change and transform Zimbabwe into a prosperous nation.

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