HARARE – In a devastating turn of events, the headquarters of Nash Paints, founded by Tinashe Mutarisi, was completely destroyed by fire on Wednesday night. The incident comes after Mutarisi had publicly complained about “corrupt officials” threatening to burn down his business back in February. According to reports, material and equipment worth a staggering US$1.3 million were lost in the fire.

The alarming events unfolded earlier this year when Mutarisi took to social media to express his frustration. In a post on his official account, he lamented the abuse he faced from corrupt officials, stating, “Sometimes the abuse we get from these corrupt officials is unbelievable! If you really care for the thousands that benefit from this thing, give me a cut. Burn it then. Enough is enough.” Mutarisi further claimed to have kept receipts as evidence.

The fire incident has raised concerns about the safety of businesses in Zimbabwe and the ability of the government to protect them from acts of violence or terrorism. Activist Freeman Chari expressed his outrage, describing those in power as “primitive, opportunistic, and parasitic kleptomaniacs.” He highlighted the takeover of white-owned businesses and warned that now even black-owned businesses were being targeted. Chari suggested that decisive action was necessary to prevent further attacks.

Tatenda Tlou, a Twitter user, commented on the situation, questioning how Zimbabwe can boost investor confidence when the country fails to protect its own businesses against such acts of violence, especially when government officials are allegedly involved. Tlou noted that incidents like these drive many businesspeople to prefer investing abroad, which ultimately harms the nation’s economy.

The destruction of Nash Paints’ headquarters represents a significant setback not only for Tinashe Mutarisi but also for the employees and stakeholders associated with the company. The loss of valuable materials and equipment worth US$1.3 million will undoubtedly impact the business’s operations and its contribution to the local economy.

Authorities have yet to comment on the incident or confirm the alleged involvement of corrupt officials. However, this incident highlights the urgent need for the government to address concerns about corruption and ensure the safety and security of businesses operating within the country. Restoring investor confidence and promoting a conducive business environment should be a top priority to prevent further economic setbacks.

As investigations into the fire incident continue, stakeholders, activists, and concerned citizens are calling for swift action to hold accountable those responsible for the destruction of Nash Paints’ headquarters. The future of Zimbabwe’s business landscape and its ability to attract and retain local and foreign investments may well depend on the government’s response to this incident and its commitment to combating corruption and ensuring the safety of businesses.

Tinashe Mutarisi

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