My Patriotic Love Letter to Zimbabwe : Without sacrifice, there is no revolution. Without a revolution, there is no change. Without change, there is no tomorrow.

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By Tarisai Masimba

Dear Zimbabweans i write this patriotic love letter to you with a heavy heart and i hope that it will be received with enthusiasm, necessity and the urgency it deserves.

It is naïve for us to think that we can free Zimbabwe from the clutches of a fascist Zanu pf tyrannical regime without any sacrifice, action, and guts.

My name is Tarisai Power Masimba. I am a patriotic Zimbabwean. I am not a traitor or sell-out. I am not a hero either. I am a citizen loyal to the country and nothing more. But watching my beautiful and beloved country fall deeper into its worst socio-economic crisis in decades breaks my heart to the core.

And I know that for all us, except the government in power – which thrives through looting, corruption and torture – the status quo should be challenged; come hell, bullets, spears or high water.

The junta is prepared to kill, torture and maim to preserve their sacred privilege of running the country to the ground.

Their bubble and illusion will not last if we take collective action as a country.

Since attaining our watershed independence in 1980, Zimbabweans have danced to the tune of Robert Mugabe and his cronies. Now it is Mnangagwa’s turn to show us the middle finger. And boy he has delivered.

I do not want to dwell deeper on how the Mnangagwa administration alone has used the state security to brutalize citizens in our very own leader CDE Job Sikhala. I will not even get started with the silent genocide going on in our hospitals or the daylight “murder” of our economy.

Even young children have been labelled as “enemies of the state.”

The country is haemorrhaging. This cartel of old men and military generals haemorrhaging our country has gone one step further by destroying national platelets – aka thrombocytes – and there goes our natural ability to stop the socio-economic bleeding.

The purpose of this patriotic love letter is to show you that no citizens have won a war against a fascist government through kindness, meekness, and the ballot box. As we have been doing so far. And I know that you know it too.

It has escalated to the case of an eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Fire for fire. Gun for a gun. By now, I think you get my drift.

We should free Zimbabwe from the Zanu pf regime
You and I can choose to fold our hands and watch from afar as our country goes down the drain; or we can choose to take action and build a brighter, all-inclusive, democratic, successful and prosperous Zimbabwe.

But nothing as big as the change we require comes on a silver plate. It requires GUTS, ACTION, and SACRIFICE.

Without sacrifice, there is no revolution. Without a revolution, there is no change. Without change, there is no tomorrow.

The opposition party – thep MDC now CCC – which I began supporting at a young age of 5, has played a crucial role in fighting for our democracy. They have tried to do so through the ballot. In each case, the junta has rigged elections.

From NIKUV to V11 forms to Advocate Priscilla Chigumba; the regime is using old and inventing new tricks to steal elections and prolong our suffering. We have tried to protest and the security forces have descended on us like a tonne of bricks.

A government at war with its own people
The Zimbabwe government is at war with its own people. //Credit: Twitter
We have appealed to the international bodies but all they can do is tell the government to stop using excessive force. No tangible action has been taken. The SADC and AU have let us down even more. South Africa’s International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor rightly said that Zimbabwe needs to find home-grown solutions to its socio-economic problems.

This is the bitter truth. But it is the truth that can change the course of our future.

No dictatorial government has lost power through the ballot. It happens through a military coup and social uprising. We have witnessed a coup in our country. All it ever did was replace an old dictator with his protégé.

I am still singing the same song: We must find a way to free Zimbabwe from Zanu pf.

It is time for a social uprising. Anarchy. And on steroids too.

But this time, we should not bow down to the police. Or the army. Or the security forces. If they come for our blood, we go for theirs too.

Are we ready to free Zimbabwe from the fascist Zanu pf regime through sweat, blood and tears?

We cannot let them continue with their thuggish behaviour while we carry ourselves like gentlemen. The time for gentleness is long gone.

We should mobilize ourselves, in the same vein that the government has mobilized the security forces to wage war on the citizens. We are at war with our own government. The government is at war with its own people.

There are about 30,000 soldiers in a country of 15 million people, excluding the millions in the diaspora. As of May. 1 last year, there are 45,000 police officers. We can assume that at most, this number has increased to 60,000.

The government probably has its reserve militia and intelligence officers that operate in various capacities. Altogether, the security forces cannot exceed 200,000. And we are being very generous here.

Yes, they have guns, tear gas, water cannons and batons but it’s not much. This is only when we assume that we nothing to defend ourselves with.

Zimbabwe craves to be free from Zanu pf
I am not advocating for a civil war. I am advocating for our right to defend ourselves. The government has failed to uphold the constitution, why should we be expected to do the same?

We have been afraid for too long. But we no longer have that luxury. This is our time to fight the regime, to defend our country, to stand up for ourselves.

They used us to remove Mugabe from power. We are going to use that same energy to remove this military junta disguised as a civilian authority.

There is nothing stronger than a united people. We are those people. We need that unity. We need to gather our strength and fight for our future. The future of our children. For all the humiliation we have suffered, this is our chance to redeem ourselves. We are fighting for our country and honour.

And our noble quest, one that will define us as a people, is our deepest desire to be free from Zanu pf apartheid-style type of governance.

A luta continua. A luta continua. The struggle continues.

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