A prominent opposition leader in Zimbabwe, Nelson Chamisa, has been accused of sacrificing his colleague, Job Sikhala, by George Charamba, a senior government official. Charamba claimed that Chamisa cunningly used Sikhala for his own benefit and then discarded him.

Chamisa, who leads the Citizens Coalition for Change  (CCC), denied the accusations and stated that his party believes in non-violence. He added that any member who acted on their own during recent protests should submit themselves to the authorities.

The accusations come after Sikhala, a Member of Parliament for the CCC, was arrested and charged with inciting public violence following protests in the country. Sikhala had called for justice for slain activist Moreblessing Ali , and the government accused him of revolting against the government.

Charamba, who is the spokesperson for President Emmerson Mnangagwa, took to Twitter to make the allegations against Chamisa. He wrote, “Used and dumped! This is how @JobSikhala1 was sacrificed by the cunning @nelsonchamisa. Muchasvinura!”

The accusations have sparked outrage from members of the opposition, who see them as an attempt by the government to silence dissent. They have called for the charges against Sikhala to be dropped and for the government to respect the rights of citizens to protest peacefully.

The government has defended its actions, stating that it will not tolerate violence or incitement to violence. It has also warned that anyone found to be breaking the law will face the consequences.

The situation in Zimbabwe remains tense, with opposition leaders and human rights activists calling for political reforms and an end to the government’s crackdown on dissent. The accusations against Chamisa are likely to further strain relations between the government and the opposition, raising concerns about the country’s future stability.

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