Former First Lady Grace Mugabe has been accused of hiding over US$5 billion in Europe, according to Zimbabwean economist and former opposition legislator, Eddie Cross. Cross made the claim on a recent episode of the podcast Friday Drinks, stating that he had read an American report that alleged Grace had amassed billions of dollars from diamond and fuel deals in the country.

“The Americans know where all the money is, I have seen an American report which says how much money Grace Mugabe has got and where it is. US$5.3 billion and it’s in Europe and the Europeans know where it is,” revealed Cross.

This comes after Grace was accused of smuggling diamonds and ivory out of the country without the knowledge of her late husband, former President Robert Mugabe. The claims have sparked outrage among Zimbabweans, with many questioning the source of Grace’s wealth.

Meanwhile, Bona Mugabe’s estranged husband Simba Chikore has made headlines this week after listing property worth US$58 million, including 21 farms, in their divorce row. The properties are valued at over US$50m and include a Dubai Mansion worth approximately US$8m.

Zimbabweans have expressed anger and frustration over the revelations, with political pressure group Team Pachedu pointing out that the amount of land listed in the divorce is enough to house 1.2 million 200 square meter stands.

“Bona Mugabe owns 24717.19 Hectares of land and this is equivalent to 247.17 million square meters. This is enough to fit 1.2 million 200 square meter stands being dished out by ED. ED recently dished out only 265 stands. Bona alone owns 1.2 million of those,” said the group on Twitter.

The revelations have once again brought into question the wealth amassed by Zimbabwe’s political elite and their families, and the lack of transparency surrounding the source of their riches.

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