During my sojourn in the ICU in 2008, I was visited by an ethereal being adorned in resplendent white raiment. With a benevolent gaze, she inquired after my name, to which I replied, “Thomas.” Inquiring further, she sought knowledge of my vocation, whereupon I disclosed my occupation as a security guard at the time. With the grace of divinity, she conveyed to me a message from the Almighty, proclaiming my innocence and assuring me of my survival. In a gesture of divine selection, she pointed towards a fellow patient ensconced on an adjacent bed, with a mesh covering to prevent his belligerent outbursts from disrupting the hospital’s tranquil environment. She informed me that the fellow in question had been beset by his own vices and would soon pass on.

Prior to this encounter, I experienced an out-of-body phenomenon, whereby my consciousness traversed my environs, even venturing into the local area where I lived. Despite my efforts to communicate with the denizens, I was invisible to their perception. It was then that I became cognizant of my nakedness, and it dawned on me that I had been admitted to the hospital. Lo and behold, I emerged from the hospital walls and regained consciousness in the fourth-floor ICU room, with a plethora of medical devices and instruments adorning my person.

The attending nursing staff had to resort to pharmaceutical measures to pacify me, given the aberrant nature of my condition. The following day, I regained lucidity, and my body began the gradual process of convalescence. Though it took a fortnight for my capacity to read to be restored, I eventually made a full recovery, leading to my eventual discharge after ten days of observation.

By Thomas Masimba

To Be Continued…

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