Mampara of the Week – Emmerson Mnangwagwa : The failure by Mnangwagwa to adhere to the constitution and submit the delimitation report on time is a serious offense

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By The Editor

Zimbabwean Dictator Emmerson Mnangwagwa has been named as the Mampara of the Week after missing the deadline to submit the delimitation report within the stipulated timeframe. This act of non-compliance with the constitution has raised concerns about the leadership’s commitment to the rule of law.

The delimitation report is a crucial document that outlines the boundaries of constituencies for the upcoming general elections. It is required by law to be submitted to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission by February 15th, 2023, a deadline that Mnangwagwa has failed to meet.

The breach of the constitution by the 80-year-old leader has caused outrage among political leaders, activists, and citizens alike. Mnangwagwa’s failure to comply with the law raises questions about his government’s commitment to a free and fair electoral process.

The Mampara of the Week award, given to those who have demonstrated a lack of common sense, has never been more fitting than in this instance. Mnangwagwa’s decision to ignore the deadline is a prime example of a leader who puts his interests before the country’s well-being.

The consequences of Mnangwagwa’s actions may be severe, with potential legal challenges and calls for his resignation. The lack of trust in the electoral process could also lead to a significant loss of confidence in the government, ultimately resulting in increased political and social instability.

As the Mampara of the Week, Mnangwagwa should be held accountable for his actions. The failure to adhere to the constitution and submit the delimitation report on time is a serious offense, and the repercussions could be far-reaching. Zimbabweans deserve a transparent and democratic electoral process, and it is up to the government to ensure that this happens.

It remains to be seen what the consequences of Mnangwagwa’s actions will be. However, one thing is clear: the Mampara of the Week award serves as a reminder that the rule of law and the constitution must be upheld, and that those who fail to do so will face the consequences.

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