Makandiwa Accused of Smuggling Gold Out Of The Country

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Controversial Zimbabwean Fake Prophet, Emmanuel Makandiwa has been accused of using his Zanu-Pf links and close ties to Mnangagwa to smuggle Gold worth millions of US dollars out of the Country

Political Analysts and Former Zanu-Pf Activist Cde Never Maswerasei has accused controversial fake prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of smuggling gold worth millions  of dollars out of the country.
Maswerasei accused Makandiwa of backing Mnangagwa’s government to cover up for his corrupt activities.

Makandiwa recently came underfire on social media after he appeared to be sanitising corruption in a video clip of his Sunday sermon that is circulating online.

Writing of his Twitter Account Maswerasei had this to say 

MAKANDIWA EXCLUSIVE PART 1: For so long Makandiwa has been smuggling a minimum of 4kgs of gold via Pumtree border post into Botswana enroute to South Africa. His backing of Mnangagwa started when he was set up for clearance and quick acquisition a gold mine in Mtawatawa.I am in detailed touch with some of players in the criminal syndicate in South Africa who are corroborating finer graphic details of the operation. One of his runners who has also started his own fake church was once nabbed in Botswana where he paid a bribe. Hapana mafiles asipo.If Makandiwa is asked to declare all income & tax paper trail of the business he does which enabled him to buy and build the several properties he owns today, he will certainly NOT be in a position to prove it. It’s a pity that ZACC is a self-serving vehicle for shefs. ||Minimum of 4 kgs high grade gold per month***

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