HARARE, Zimbabwean journalist and activist, Hopewell Chin’ono, took to Twitter to express his concerns over an alleged army of people deployed to discourage Zimbabweans with an international presence from participating in elections. In a series of tweets, Chin’ono argued that while elections cannot be stopped without solid reforms, abandoning them altogether without a national consensus and a solid national plan will only lead to a contested regime with no legitimacy to govern the country.

Chin’ono emphasized that discussions about reforms should only happen with international guarantors to avoid any trick by the embattled ruling elite to buy time to breathe. He also criticized the opposition for focusing on Mnangagwa’s legitimacy instead of reforms, arguing that Zimbabwe needs an inclusive approach and discussion to solve the crisis of failed governance that has plagued the country for 23 years.

The journalist called for any resolution to be national and guaranteed by a credible international group of people, emphasizing that it must not be meant to benefit two political parties at the expense of the nation. Chin’ono stated that he would never support political sweetheart deals and that elections must go ahead, even if what was needed for a clean election to happen was not done.


Chin’ono’s tweets come amid growing concerns over the fairness of Zimbabwe’s upcoming elections, which have been marred by accusations of voter intimidation and fraud in the past. The journalist’s call for solid reforms and international guarantees to ensure clean elections reflects the desire of many Zimbabweans for a fair and transparent political process that can lead to genuine change in the country’s governance.

Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono

Source -MasimbaNews

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